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Tasks and Domains

Tasks and domains of the Law Enforcement Council
Inspection Task

The inspection task of the Council can be generally translated as follows:
General inspection of effectiveness, the quality of the performance and management of:

• police, police training academy and the prosecutors Office;
• other organizations designated by ordinance of law who are within the realm of responsibility of the respective ministers and are part of the justice system;
• institutions and establishments in which prison sentences, restricting freedom measures, liberty measures or custodial measures are implemented, or rehabilitation or victim care take place concerning adults and youth.

The general inspection of the quality and effectiveness of judicial cooperation between the countries is a key task of the Council.

The effectiveness and quality of the performance of individual departments and institutions that make up the judicial chain also include cooperation between the departments and institutions that make up the judicial chain of the respective countries. Thus the judicial cooperation within the countries is also part of the Council’s task.

Other tasks

In addition the Council can also be appointed to perform the following tasks:

• Advising on how administrative bodies can handle complaints regarding the performance of an organization forming part of the judicial chain has acted in a particular matter.
• Monitoring the processing of police data.

Domains of the Council

The Council is required by law to inspect the named domains in the countries. This concerns primarily the prosecution Office in the countries, the police and police training academy, and all institutions and establishments where imprisonment, freedom restricting sentences, custodial measures or liberty restrictions are implemented, where rehabilitation or victim care take place with for adults and youth. With regard to the organizational aspect of the areas examined, this includes:


• The Prosecution Office;
• The Police Force Curaçao;
• The Landsrecherche of Curaçao;
• The detention center for suspects under police arrest at the penitentiary on Curaçao;
• The prison and the detention center of Curacao;
• The detention center for foreigners on Curaçao;
• The Government's Education Institution of Curaçao;
• The Bureau for Help to Victims of Curacao;
• The Trusteeship Council, Curacao (for youth probation);
• The probation authorities on Curaçao;
• The Judicial Training Institute of Curaçao;
• The Trusteeship Council of Curaçao and
• The family supervision institutions on Curaçao.

Sint Maarten

• The Prosecution Office;
• The St. Maarten Police Force;
• To the extent that exists an institution entrusted with victim care on St. Maarten, that institution;
• The Landsrecherche St. Maarten;
• The prison and detention center of St. Maarten;
• The detention center at the police force on St. Maarten;
• The border control center on St. Maarten;
• The probation authorities on St. Maarten;
• The Trusteeship Council in St. Maarten (for youth probation) and
• The institution for police training on St. Maarten;
• The Trusteeship Council of St. Maarten and
• The family supervision institutions on St. Maarten.


• The Prosecution Office;
• The BES Islands Police Force;
• The agency or institution in charge of police training on the BES;
• To the extent that there is a body responsible for victim care on the BES, that institution;
• The Rijksrecherche on the BES;
• The Detention center of the BES;
• The detainees’ center in the BES;
• The detention center for foreigners on the BES;
• The probation bodies on the BES;
• The Trusteeship Council on Bonaire;
• The Trusteeship Council on Saba and
• The Trusteeship Council on St. Eustatius.

The organizations considered to be within the domains of the Council for the general inspection of the quality and effectiveness of judicial cooperation between de respective countries:

• The RST (Recherche Samenwerkings Team);
• The Coast Guard and
• The GVP (Gemeenschappelijke Voorziening Politie).